A View from the Alley

A View from the Alley

This book, written by my father, is a new addition of a highly-praised local classic with a specially written foreword by me.

A View from the Alley is a delightful romp through the back streets of Luton in the early twentieth century. We see the colourful characters who dominated the scene, and pity and admire the tenacity and stoicism of the working class poor. Aubrey Darby chronicles his childhood, his sparse education, his employment from the age of eight, inviting us to enter the world where laughter and initiative overcame the worst that life could offer in the form of disease, poverty and war. As a social history this book is invaluable, as a story laced with both pathos and humour, it will linger in the memory.

Copies can be obtained from me at Darbyjudith@hotmail.co.uk £9.99 incl.P&P


About Judy Darby

I am currently working on a memoir which I began for my MA in Creative Writing (Nonfiction). It is nearing completion. The most important people in my life are my seven grandchildren, James, Lucy, Emma, Eleanor, Owen, Michael and Tommy - and their parents of course.
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6 Responses to A View from the Alley

  1. Jessica says:

    I have been reading this book with my daughter. We have been enjoying it. It’s very interesting for me to learn so much about my great grandfather and for my daughter to read about her great great grandfather. It’s extra interesting for us learning about life in England then since we’re from the US. I’ve also been reading the blog and can’t wait to read the full book and learn more about your and my grandmother’s childhood.

  2. Graham Kentish says:

    Would like a copy. Both my parents Muriel Seaborn and my Father Aubrey Ronald.Kentish were born in the area around 1913-17
    .Please send details

  3. Patricia Brooks says:

    Dear Judy,
    Is it possible to obtain a copy of A View From The Alley.
    I am a Lutonian and enjoy reading about the times gone by.
    Thank You Patricia

  4. Judy Darby says:

    Of course, Patricia. Just send your address to Darbyjudith@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll put a copy in the post.

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