I wrote this poem to describe how we can leave trauma behind us and move on to embrace a brighter future.


The past is always present.
It frames our future.
We cannot change it;
Its grip is merciless.
But we can challenge its legacy,
Defeat and triumph over it,
Absorb the sweetness and the hope,
Translate the bad into the brilliant,
The mediocre to the amazing.
Refuse to hide:
Face the fearsome, frantic fight,
Tread the dark path that leads through brambles
Laced with puddles and potholes,
That ultimately brings us into sunlight:
The Future.


About Judy Darby

I am currently working on a memoir which I began for my MA in Creative Writing (Nonfiction). It is nearing completion. The most important people in my life are my seven grandchildren, James, Lucy, Emma, Eleanor, Owen, Michael and Tommy - and their parents of course.
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4 Responses to Decision

  1. Penny says:

    This is good mum…and so true xx

  2. Cherylene Hargis says:

    Love your poem Aunt Judy… you are amazing

  3. Judy Darby says:

    Thank you, Cher. I always value and appreciate your comments.

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