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I am currently working on a memoir which I began for my MA in Creative Writing (Nonfiction). It is nearing completion. The most important people in my life are my seven grandchildren, James, Lucy, Emma, Eleanor, Owen, Michael and Tommy - and their parents of course.

Nil Desperandum

Failure:  look straight into its eyes; Inhale its scent so pungent, sick and stale; Move on and try again: head for the skies, With all endeavour we must sometimes fail. The weak abandon hope when first refused, The faint of heart … Continue reading

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I wrote this poem to describe how we can leave trauma behind us and move on to embrace a brighter future. Decision The past is always present. It frames our future. We cannot change it; Its grip is merciless. But … Continue reading

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Chapter 3 Maudie and Mary Ann My parents grew up only a few miles apart; my father in the rough back streets of Luton, and my mother in rural, pretty Leagrave. Both lost their fathers when they were young, for … Continue reading

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Book Completion…and Sally Cline

Today I saw my mentor, biographer, Dr. Sally Cline. She approved my final chapters and it looks very much as if my memoir is almost completed. Sally is a brilliant mentor and I have learned so much from her. She … Continue reading

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Truancy Officers, Nits and Paraffin

…As I made my way back to London that evening I started to think about what had followed the birth of my parents’ first child, a boy, Anthony John. Mum worshipped him from the day he was born, and was … Continue reading

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Cleaning a Doorstep

I thought something a little lighter from the memoir might make a change! I remember this incident vividly.

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Cleaning a Doorstep

We were a large brood even by the standards of the 1950s. As my father permitted no gossip to enter or leave the house, the neighbours knew little about us. That was no deterrent to their interest; what they didn’t … Continue reading

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